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  Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is the cornerstone of our business and your safety.  We recommend that you get your chimney inspected or cleaned annually.  Aside from cleaning out harmful debris(some cases large amounts!), we also inspect/review the condition of your chimney and hearth appliance/fireplace to ensure safe operation for the upcoming burn season.  This is a service we offer for wood, pellet, oil, and gas burning flues.


Chimney Inspections

We offer 3 levels of inspection for your chimney.  Our first level of inspection includes a visual inspection of the chimney exterior and appliance.  Our second level of inspection includes a video-scan of the flue interior and is more thorough in reviewing the chimney from the attic and additional accessible areas.  The 3rd level of inspection we offer involves demolition of certain areas in the home or chimney structure to ensure it's safety.  In all of our inspections we indicate areas of concern and formulate an estimate on performing those repairs.  


Chimney Liners

We installs liners in chimneys where the original lining has failed, was not appropriately installed, or never installed in the first place.  Traditional ceramic flue tiles have a lifespan of approximately 20 years, but this can be significantly reduced with freezing temperatures, moisture penetration and ground swells.  We also reline chimneys when a new appliance is installed so that the lining meets the intended manufacturer specifications for the appliance.



Cap Installations

Every chimney needs a good cap to protect it from animals and weather.  An ideal cap will protect your flue and the top of your chimney.  We offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit on top of any chimney.  Don't like the look? Don't like the shiny stainless?  Don't want a round cap?  We got you covered!


We professionally install high efficiency appliances that add aesthetic and economic value to every home.  Whether you are looking for a traditional woodstove or a contemporary gas fireplace, we provide the product and installation expertise to give you the best in style and quality.


Don't have a masonry chimney?  No problem we install metal chimneys, direct vent, and b vent to give you the appliance of your dreams.  Still want a brick or stone chimney?  Our network of professionals can help build your dream chimney!

Masonry Repairs

Leaky, ugly, worn chimney?  We offer solutions to repair your chimney and keep the water on the outside of your home.  The most common repairs are listed below.

Crown Rebuild

The crown of your chimney is important to keep moisture out of your flues and away from your brick.  It can be the single most important part of your chimney.  We repair and rebuild crowns to ensure the longest possible life for your flues and your bricks!


FLashing Repair

Poor and worn chimney flashing is the #1 leak suspect!  It is directly responsible for sealing the gap between the roof and your chimney.  Flashing tends to wear over time and may require sealing or replacement.

Our Service Fleet ready to serve (not pictured: Red Toyota, Blue Honda Element)

Our Service Fleet ready to serve (not pictured: Red Toyota, Blue Honda Element)